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When you ask casino players what they look for in an online casino, they can have very different answers. Of course, most want to know about the payouts but there are a lot of other factors that can make the casino experience better and most exciting for a player. Some people want to know that they can receive bonuses or sign up bonuses and how a casino stacks up against others. A lot of people are concerned about the types of games and the variety of choices that they will have to play. For all of these reasons, finding a comprehensive online casino review will help take your playing to the next level.

There are a lot of review sites out there but many of those sites just pull lists of casinos without ever going through the actual site itself or playing the games. With review sites like those, it is difficult to get what the player would experience. That’s why we believe in not only pulling data but experiencing it ourselves. We want to give the readers of our lists a thorough run down of exactly what they will expect, what games they will have access to play, and most important of all, the rate of payouts.

You can play blackjack for real money on blackjack.org, our editors, writers, and players have taken a lot of time to evaluate online casinos to come up with the best criteria for reviews. We want to make sure that they meet our high standards of providing best to their players. Our team makes the effort to go through the same involvement that any one would go through when they visit the casino site including downloading, playing, and getting the bonuses and payouts. We want to get the full sense of what it is to be a player in that online casino. Why would we go farther then most online casino review sites? Because we love playing them and we know the way that players think because we are all casino enthusiasts.

A lot of people who visit our site decide that playing casino games online is right for them based on different reasons. We take the time and effort to try to reflect the player’s experience from various perspectives. Here is a taste of some of the hallmarks of what we look for in a great online casino experience:

  • Does the online casino offer fair payout percentages? After all, even though we all like playing the games, it is good to know that not only is it fun to play but that it has a good return to player percentages.
  • Does the casino operate with secure and up to date software? An important issue that many review sites over look is the security of the actual site itself.
  • How good is their customer service? We all need to talk to customer service now and then to make sure when our payments will get there and in case we need technical support. It is important to have friendly representatives that will help you with any of the problems that might happen.
  • How does the bonus system operate? Many casinos offer a sign up bonus but still others might offer extra bonuses that happen as you play classic blackjack. We want to accurately let our readers know where and when they can expect the bonuses and how exactly the casino lets you know.
  • Does the casino offer some of the more popular games? We all have a favourite game that we play to relax. Whether you like the thrill of the slots or the strategy of a card game, it is important for you to know that you can play your favourite game at whatever online casino you choose.
  • Is there a good variety of games available? Even though you might be strictly a card player, sometimes you might want to pass the time playing the slots. We know that variety adds to the player’s experience and enjoyment so when construct our online casino reviews, we like to make sure that there is something for everyone on the site.
  • How is the mobile experience for a player? With the ability to play while you are on the morning train, waiting in queue, or just relaxing in your favourite chair at home, a mobile experience can help you play and win when you are away from your desktop. We rate to see if they have mobile friendly layouts, easy to read displays, and the ability to play wherever you have internet access.
  • How reputable is the casino itself? If the online casino has a bad reputation or has a history of not giving players their proper payouts, we do not want them on any of our lists.
  • How do players themselves rate their overall enjoyment? We pour through thousands of reviews on each online casino trying to get an authentic representation of what that casino offers to its players.
  • And so much more!

The Online Casino Master has a dedicate group of professional gambling enthusiasts that are constantly reviewing each online casino. We don’t just compile a list. We play the games that you know and love each day to make sure that what we offer our readers is the most up to the minute information. Our team is committed to excellence in giving our readers what they look for in an online casino and also reviewing aspects that they might not think of such as the mobile layout or customer service experience.

Our independent analysis is from the player’s perspective so you can rest assure that we can help you find the right online casino for you. As you look through our review site, know that our ratings are based on many different conditions of the casino and how much fun it is to play. Take a look through our pages and notice the difference in a review site created by players and not just bots flipping through pages of casinos. We are confident that we have compiled the best list so that you can just enjoy the fun of gambling.